Charts or Graphs are Blank

To view charts and graphs, you need Microsoft Silverlight installed. If you do not have Silverlight installed, you will see a message to install it. However, there may still be an instance where the charts appear blank. This is because your server is not configured correctly to render the charts and graphs.

The steps below were completed using IIS Manager User Interface in Windows Server 2003 IIS 6.0. Your screens may look a little different.

Start IIS Manager


From the Start menu, select Administrative Tools and Click IIS Manager.

Locate MIME Type Settings


Right click on the server name and select Properties.
In the Properties Dialog, click on the MIME Types button.

Define the Correct MIME Types


In the MIME Types Dialog, click the New button.
In the MIME Type Dialog enter one MIME Type at the time:

Extension .xap
MIME type application/x-silverlight-app

Extension .xaml
MIME type application/xaml+xml

Extension .xbap
MIME type application/x-ms-xbap

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