How can I tell if my ChainLinx web services are running?

There are web services that run on your ChainLinx server that allow external applications to exchange information with ChainLinx. For example, forensic laboratories can log a request for evidence transfer (RFET) from your agency if you have provided them with the address of your web services host.

Browse to the Location of Your Web Service Host

Using Internet Explorer, browse to the location of your ChainLinx web service host. By default, this will be http://your ChainLinx server/clserviceclient/default.aspx

Test Service Availability


1. From within the web service client, select the Item Submit Service.
2. Select the Ping method.
3. Click the Invoke button.
4. An output of TRUE indicates your web services are running.

Note that any external applications that use your web services can "call" this method to check the availability of your server.

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