Adding Items to an Existing Warrant

Starting in version 1.0.26, you can now add items to an existing warrant. To be able to complete this task, you must have a role with the Warrant Edit - Perform permission granted.

Access the Agency Case Number Search


There are several ways to access the agency case number search screen:

From the Lookup quicklist, click Agency Case Number.
From the Lookup quicklist, click Item. Perform a search for an item. Click the ACN details icon next to an item on the warrant to which you want to add an item.

Locate the Items List for Your Warrant


Click the Items tab and locate the warrant to which you want to add the item.
Click the warrant number and select Add Item from the menu.

Add Item Details


Enter information about the item to add to the warrant you selected. Click OK when you are done.

New Item Saved


When items are added to a warrant, all of the information about that warrant is related to that item. Note that you cannot create a new chain of custody record for that warrant. A new chain of custody, by definition, requires a new warrant. However, you can have multiple warrants related to the same agency case number.

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