Registering Bar codes After Warrant Creation

There may be instances when you forgot to register one or more bar codes for items when you initially received the items. Starting in ChainLinx 1.0.25, you can now register one or more item bar codes after initial entry.

Note that if you generated a bar code label for an item, you can not later register a bar code.

Locate and Select Items


From the Quicklist, select lookup and then select item.
Complete your search using criteria you have available to locate the items for which you want to register bar codes. (This same procedure is used to generate a batch of bar codes as well.)

1. Check the check boxes of the items for which you want to register (or print) bar codes.
2. Click the Print Barcode button.

Register Bar codes


To register a bar code, select the Register print mode option.
Scan or type in the number of the existing bar code.
Click OK.

Note that you can not register and print or generate a bar code label for an item at the same time. You will first need to register the bar code, then use this same function to print the label.

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