Manually Importing Smart Client Warrants

Warrant information can be saved using the ChainLinx Smart Client. Once the file has been created using the SmartClient, its contents can be imported into ChainLinx.

Start the Import


1. Click the Receive Evidence link in the quicklist.
2. Click the Import Item Submission link.

Selecting the Import Method


If the user of the Smart Client was connected to your agency and you know the warrant number, you can complete a search for that file. If you know the file needs to be manually imported, click browse. For example, if the agency rep walks in with a USB drive or they e-mailed you the file and it was saved elsewhere, you'll need to browse for that file.

Selecting the File


Locate the file you want to import, select it and click open. The file must be an XML document.

Completing the Import


Click import to start the import process or click cancel to quit.

Correcting the Warrant Information


Once the import has been completed, you'll be back in the receive evidence screen. You may see an error that says "one or more entries are in a conflicted state." This means that the user of the Smart Client entered information that isn't recognized by your ChainLinx application. You can simply work your way through the receive evidence screens and clean up the data. When you are done and there are no more conflict errors, you can complete the evidence receipt process as you normally would.

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