Printing a Bar code Label for One or More Items

You can print labels for evidence items at any time using the item look up screen.

Complete an Item Look up and Select Bar codes to Print


1. Click the + next to Lookup in the Quicklist. Click Item.
2. Type in some information you know about the item you need like item number.
3. Click Search or click Clear to start over.
4. If you already have a bar code, you can scan the bar code to locate the item.
5. Once you have results in the Item lookup, check the check box next to one or more items for which you want to produce labels. You can check them all by checking the box at the top of the column.
6. Click the Print Barcode button.

Set the Printers


7. Select the type of label you want printed for the item from the Label Definition list.
8. Select the Printer to which you want to send the bar code label.
9. Enter the quantity of labels you want to print in the Copies field.
10. Click OK to print your labels or Cancel to quit.

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