Troubleshooting LIMS-plus 4.x Errors

Title:  Troubleshooting LIMS-plus 4.x Errors

Affected Users:  LIMS Administrators,  Lab Analysts

Fielded Statements:

How do I find the details of an error message received in LIMS-Plus v4.x?

I received an error message in LIMS-Plus v4, how can I send this to Justicetrax?


End user looking to get the full contents of an error message received within LIMS-plus v4.x


Trouble shooting LIMS-plus 4.x Errors

In order to effectively analyze errors produced in LIMS-plus 4.0; Please provide JusticeTrax Technical support with the following:

  1. Screen shots of the error or at least screen shots of what the user was doing when the error occurred.
  2. An export of the error that occurred. (See “Exporting LIMS-plus Error Logs” below.)


  1. An Export of the Event Viewer for the workstation experiencing the error. (See “Exporting The event Viewer Logs” below.)

How to Export the LIMS-plus Error Log

When the error appears on the screen, there are two tabs, basic and advanced.  Click the Export to Excel button at the bottom of the dialog box and excel will open with the error information populated.  Save the Excel file and email to JusticeTrax Technical Support.




 How to Export the Event Viewer Log

Open the Control Panel on the workstation experiencing the error.  Open Administrative Tools, then Event Viewer.  Click on Application, and then go to the Action menu and Save Log As.


Save the log as either a CSV or TXT file then email to JusticeTrax Technical Support.



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