Adding a Table to a Final Report in LIMS-plus v3x

There are times when you'd like to include data in a table format in your final report. You have a few options; you can have the raw data stored in LIMS-plus somewhere and then have the report template (Crystal Reports rpt file) format that data as a table or you could grab an image of the table and have that brought into the report. There's a third method if you're willing to use the rich text option.

Enable Rich Text


For the service where you want the ability to include table results, enable rich text.

In system administration, click Department then the services icon (blue beaker) and edit the service.

Check the Use Rich Text check box.

Create Your Table


Use Microsoft Excel to create your table. You can even use some formatting like colors and bold.

Select and copy the table.

Paste the Table into the Rich Text Field


Paste the copied table in the Rich Text Field in LIMS-plus.

In the Crystal Report template, make sure that the field is set to interpret the text as Rich Text. (Right-click the field, Format Field. On the paragraph tab select the Text Interpretation of RTF Text.)

The table will appear nicely formatted in your final report.

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