Adding Data Extension Fields to the Medical Examiner Module

When Medical Examiner is opened, the application looks for an .xml file which contains the list of database tables and fields tied to it.
The filename is grstdatastru.xml. This file resides within the Data folder found in your LIMS-plus Network share. When new fields are added to the database, the existing grstdatastru.xml file has to be deleted. When the file does not exist in the data folder, the Medical Examiner application will perform a query and build a new grstdatastru.xml file when it is launched.

Listed below are steps in identifying where your LIMS-plus network share is located.

1. Using a workstation that has LIMS-plus and Medical Examiner installed, go to C:\Jtrax
2. Open the config.fpw file in Notepad. The first line in the file will show the network path to the data folder
    (ex. Default="\\Servername\JTRAX_Server\Data")
3. Browse to the path found in the config.fpw file.
4. Once in the data folder, delete grstdatastru.xml
5. If Medical examiner was open when the file was deleted, exit the ME Module and LIMS-plus.
6. Re-launch LIMS-plus and launch the Medical Examiner from a target case. A new grstdatastru.xml will be created.

Note: You may notice a slight delay when first launching Medical Examiner. This is due to the application creating a new grstdatastru.xml file.

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