Resolving LIMS-plus v3x Helpfile Display Issues

The help files in LIMS-plus that are presented when you click Help>Contents are actually html web pages. Newer browsers are having some issues in displaying these files and making the few changes below may help resolve the issue.

Define the Browser Compatibility Level within the Help Files


You can define the browser compatability from within the help files.

Browse to your LIMS-plus server and locate the HelpFiles directory. It will be in the same main directory as your report templates.

In that directory, locate the Default.html file and open it using notepad.

Insert the following line after the <head> tag: <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" />

Save the file.

Your help files should now display using Internet Explorer 11.

Allow Blocked Content


Based on your browser security settings, you may have ActiveX controls blocked. If you are presented with a restriction message, just click the Allow Blocked Content button.

Prevent Blank Pop-up Tabs


Modifying default.htm will prevent the help file from appearing blank with newer browser versions. To prevent other tabs in IE from opening blank, you will need to:

Download the appropriate file for your browser using one of the links below.
32bit IE on 32bit Systems:

32bit IE on 64bit Systems:


Save the file to the desktop.

Right-click and select "Run as administrator."

After running the file, close the browser and reopen it.

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