Using Black Ice for Indexer on Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 8

CAUTION:  The following steps involve automated steps that make changes to the Windows system registry.  Please consult with your IT group and ensure that a backup of your registry is taken before running the files attached to this post.


MICROSOFT REGISTERY WARNING:  "Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious, system-wide problems that may require you to re-install Windows to correct them. Microsoft cannot guarantee that any problems resulting from the use of Registry Editor can be solved. Use this tool at your own risk."


Please first refer to Add/Remove Black ice at




These files may be employed on your Windows 7/64-bit and Windows 8 workstations if the JusticeTrax Indexer fails to generate files when printing to it.




Load both files into your JTRax folder from when the JusticeTrax LIMS-plus software is run.

To run Indexer, double-click the Indexer.bat file.


NOTE:  This file updates the workstation registry every time it is run.


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