Measurement of Uncertainty for Instruments within Controlled Substances Module

Originally from ticket #19774.

Customer would like to know what the calculation for Measurement of Uncertainty actually is within the Controlled Substances module, Data Extension (weight table).

Calculation for Measurement of Uncertainty is as follows:

3 * Precision * SQRT[Number of Measurements]

e.g. If Precision is set to 2 decimals and 3 measurements are taken, then the calculation is: 3 * 1/100 * SQRT(3) = 0.05
If Precision is set to 3 decimals and 3 measurements are taken, then the calculation is: 3 * 1/1000 * SQRT(3) = 0.005

Precision is set in Instrument Administration | Other Instruments already, and is shown as a number of decimal places.

The "3" at the beginning of the formula (instrument uncertainty) is currently a hard-coded value. JusticeTrax intends to provide customers a release where they can set the instrument's uncertainty, however, it will be in a future release of the product and will be packaged along with other bug fixes and enhancements. We intend to provide release 3.7.35 by the end of December 2013 and then likely start on a new development cycle with an eye to release near the end of the first quarter of 2014.

The current workaround is to do the calculation in the Crystal Report so it is accurately represented on the Final Report given to customers.

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