How do I Create and Use Related Agencies?

New to LIMS-plus v 3.7.30 is a feature that allows for the creation of agency relationships. Any agency can be related to one or more additional agencies so when that agency is selected as a Case Agency, its related agencies are added as well.

For example, if a municipal Police Agency routinely works with a particular County District Attorney Office for each case submitted, the District Attorney Office can be related to the Police Department. When the Police Department is added as an agency to a case, the District Attorney's Office will also be added at the same time.

Please note that these types of agency relationships are one way. So while adding the Police Agency will automatically add the District Attorney's Office such as in the example above, adding the District Attorney's office to a case will not automatically add the Police Department.

Access Agency Information


Open the System Administration window-Lab Configuration Tab. Click on the Agency Info button.

Agency List


In the Agency List window, select the agency that you wish to relate to other agencies.

Related Agencies Button


After the selected agency is highlighted, click on the Related Agencies button (Blue Badge) to open the Related Agencies window.

Relating Agencies Window


Find the agency in the list of Available Agencies list that you would like to relate to the selected agency.

Adding Related Agencies


1. Select the agency you would like to relate.
2. Press the right arrow button to move the agency to the Selected Agencies window.

Add and Remove Related Agencies


1. Add additional agencies by first highlighting them in the list of Available Agencies.
2. Then select the right pointing arrow to move them to the Selected Agencies list.
3. Agencies may be removed from Selected Agencies by highlighting them and clicking on the left facing arrow.

NOTE: the Double Arrows-Right will move all agencies from Available Agencies to the Selected Agencies. The Double Arrows-Left will remove all agencies from the Selected Agencies to Available Agencies.

Save Related Agencies


When all required agencies have been related, select OK to save the relationship and close the window.

Relating Agencies-Demo


To show how Related Agencies work, create a New Case or open an existing case.

Relating Agencies-Demo


Find agency from drop down list. Select agency and click OK.

Relating Agencies-Demo


LIMS performs search for existing case numbers from the selected agency. If not found, a new casecan be created in LIMS.

Relating Agencies-Demo


When the new case is created, the agency information for the selected agency as well as any related agencies will populate in the agency window. The selected agency will be checked as the Primary Agency.

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