Adding Additional Signatures to a Request

This is one way to add more than one signature to a request, so that you may put more than one signature on a final report. The final report would have to be configured to accept two signatures.

After the request has been Draft Completed


Right-click on the request and select Signatures.


You will see the signature that has already been applied to mark the request Draft Complete. Click the Add Button (+).


  1. Select whether you want the signature or initials to be applied.
  2. Select the Role from the drop-down menu. In this example, the second signature is indicated as the Verifier. This is set up in system administration. Your second signature role can be whatever you would like to call it, and you can even have it appear on the report as such.
  3. Scan the Staff Barcode and enter the PIN.


The signature/initials image will appear in the box. Click OK.


The signature list will then be populated with more than one signature, and the final report template can be tweaked to have both signatures appear.

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