Installing a LIMS-plus v3x Client

The following instructions on how to complete the installation of a LIMS-plus v3x client were prepared on a Windows 7 PC while doing a SQL Server client installation. The screens you see may be slightly different.

These instructions assume you have already installed the server components of your system.

Locate Your Client Installation Files


Once your server components are installed, they will include a directory called ClientInstall. Your system administrator may move these files to a different location.

Once you have access to the installation directory, open it and locate the Setup application. Double-click the file to start the installation process.

Select Installation Type


Once the InstallShield installer begins, you must first select the type of installation to be completed. Select your database type, whether SQL Server or Oracle. Do not select demo database.

Click Next.

Select Your Options and Set the Installation Directory


Check the check boxes next to the components that you would like to install. You must check at least LIMS-plus.

By default, the destination folder is C:\Jtrax. To change the location where the application will be installed, click the Browse button and select or create your desired directory.

Click Next.

Set the Location of Lablink Files


LIMS-plus v3x is a Visual FoxPro application. To communicate with SQL Server or Oracle, the application requires data definition files. These are referred to as "lablink" files.

In this step of the installer, click Browse and select the location of your lablink files. These are typically on your LIMS server in a directory called Data.

Click Next.

Set Your Database Connection


If you are not the system administrator, you will need to obtain information about your database from them before you can move forward.

In the Server field, enter the name of your database server.

In the Database field, enter the name of your LIMS-plus database. (By default, this is SQLLIMS31)

If you are using Windows authentication, leave the user blank. Otherwise, enter the SQL user name required for the connection.

Click Next.

Installing Modules and Components


The installer will begin installing files including various modules and components required for the options you selected when you started the installation process. These include items like Crystal Merge Modules which allow you to view and print Crystal Reports.

There are instances where the LIMS-plus client installer will launch other installers. The items installed depend upon whether the component is already available on your PC. One common component is a ColorPlus Printer Driver. Regardless of what installers launch, simply follow their prompts and accept the default values to proceed through the installation process.

Installation Complete


Once all of the LIMS-plus files and additional components have been installed, you will see a Wizard Complete screen. Click the Finish button to complete the installation process.

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