Requesting Evidence in a ChainLinx System

If one or more agencies that use ChainLinx have been configured to be integrated with your LIMS-plus system, you can query their ChainLinx database from within a Main Case View to see if they have any additional evidence available on a case and request that it be transferred to your agency.


Query ChainLinx from Within a Main Case View


1. From within a Main Case View, click on the Evidence tab.
2. Right click and select Request for External Evidence.

Here's what happens:
For each agency listed on the Agency tab for this case, LIMS-plus looks to see if they have been configured to be a ChainLinx user.
If the agency is a ChainLinx user, LIMS-plus queries their database for any evidence not already in LIMS-plus that has the same agency case number that is related to this lab case.

Select Items you want Transferred to your Agency


1. From the list of available items, check the check boxes next to the items you would like transferred to your agency.
2. Click OK.

Here's what happens:
A request for evidence transfer (RFET) is logged in that agency's ChainLinx system. A RFET is a "to do" item for property custodians to pull together items and get them ready for transfer. The method in which the items are actually delivered to you varies from agency to agency.

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