Translation of the User Interface from English

Starting in LIMS-plus v3.7.25, a system administrator can now edit a language translation file so that the application can display field labels in a language other than English such as Arabic or Chinese.

New Files Added

When installing or upgrading to this version of LIMS-plus, a directory called TRANSLATIONS will be created on the network share that contains two files: formtranslation.cdx and formtranslation.dbf. End users must have access to the directory in which these files are stored. By default, these files will not contain any translations so the application will still display in English.

Setting the Location of the Translation Files

1. Access System Administration.
2. Click System Defaults.
3. Click Browse next to the Language Translation directory and select the directory that contains the translation files.
4. Click OK.

Once the translation file directory has been specified, these files will be downloaded to each user's PC each time they launch the application.

Grant Permission to Edit the Translation Files

You will need to give permission to edit the translation file to one or more roles. This will usually be the system administrator role(s.)

1. Access System Administration.
2. Click Security Roles.
3. Select a User Role.
4. Check the check box next to the Administration - Perform Translations security permission.
5. Click Apply.

Editing the Language Translation File


Once permission has been given to edit the translation file to one or more users, editing a form's labels is simple.

With any screen open in the application, click CTRL+F12.

All of the values in the Original Caption column are the English labels that appear in the standard application for that screen. The Translated Caption column will contain the translated text as you want it to appear in the interface. To change a caption, enter the new text in the translated caption field.

Original Text and Translated Text are only used on the rare occasion that a label was set as text property. Most Text properties are for things like text boxes and such. If there is something in the “Original Text” that is really a caption it can by translated in the “Translated Text”, otherwise leave these alone.

The application will also grab any tool tips on the page and list those in Original ToolTip. To translate the tool tip, scroll horizontally to see this in the Ctrl + F12 pop-up. Use the Translated ToolTip to enter the new translation.

Once the Language Translation screen is closed, the translation file is saved back to the share. The next time someone launches LIMS-plus the new translation files will download locally to %temp% and be used by that workstation when they access this form.

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