Using Activities as a Communication Log

LIMS-plus v3x does not have a dedicated communications log. Instead, many customers record communications as activities at the case or request level.

Access Activities


Activities can be added at the case or request level. To enter a communication at the case level, right-click with the Case Info tab active and select Case Activities.

Add a Communication as an Activity


1. Click the Add button.
2. In the activities screen, add information about the communication. Start by selecting an activity type of communication.
3. The sub-activity is used to record the type of communication.
4. Enter when the communication happened and how long it took.
5. Provide details of the communication.

Adding a Communication at the Request Level


1. To enter a communication at the request level, select a request on the request tab.
2. Right-click and select Activities.

Request Level Communication Details


Details of a request level communication are entered the same as case level.

Communication Summary Screen


A summary of all communications can be seen by viewing the activities screen. Note that request specific communications appear related to the request node.

Viewing or Printing the Communication Log


A detailed communication log can be viewed on screen or printed to a printer by pressing the print button on the activities summary screen. Since this is a Crystal Report, it can be customized to have the information and format you desire.

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    Orin Dym

    We have been using activities for a communication log since day one of our JT rollout.  Another feature is you can export the log as a PDF and email it off---helps when users are irrate that they do not have results--can send them the list of communications you have had asking/begging/pleading with them to provide information before analysis can proceed.

    This became very usefull in a recent legislative session when a representative from Kodial asked me why a homicide there had not been worked in a year.  I produced a list of requests and their completion dates for him--the local PD then told the representative we never communicated with them that the results were done----out came the 33 page PDF of communication hisotry showing with whom, when, and contents of the emails/phone calls (we paste emails into activities)---At a time that I was asking for 75million to build a new lab, we came away looking very organized, proffessional, and trustworthy.

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