Using Topaz Signature Capture Devices

Starting in LIMS-plus v3.7.23, you can now use Topaz brand signature capture pads when producing inbound and outbound evidence receipts. We have found that these devices are substantially less expensive than models we have supported in the past.

Note that the option to use Topaz signature pads is an "all or nothing" decision at the lab level. You cannot mix signature pads from multiple vendors within the same lab.

Enable the Production of Receipts


To use any signature capture device, you need to ensure that the lab options for producing evidence receipts have been enabled. At a minimum, you need to check the check boxes next to lab options to:

  • Allow signatures on Evidence Receipts.
  • Activate which receipts you want to use.
  • Force signatures if desired.

Activate the Topaz Signature Pad Option


To use Topaz devices, check the check box next to the Use TOPAZ drivers for use with signature pads lab option. Make sure that the drivers for the device have been properly installed using the manufacturer's instructions.

Topaz Drivers on Windows 7

When installing a Topaz device on Windows 7, make sure the correct drivers have been installed.

1. Launch Internet Explorer
2. Navigate to
3. Click on the sigplusbasic.exe link
4. In the dialog that appears, asking “Do you want to run or save this file?”, click the RUN button.
5. When Internet Explorer then asks whether to Run or Don’t Run, click the RUN button.
6. When the Topaz SigPlus 3.95 Installation screen first comes up, click on the NEXT button.
7. When the License Agreement dialog appears, click on the AGREE button.
8. When the Select Operating System dialog appears:
The default is not Windows 7: you must manually click on Windows 7 to select it.
Once Windows 7 is the selected Operating System, click the OK button.
9. When the View Signatures With Word/Excel dialog appears, make sure YES is selected and then click the OK button.
10. When the Excel/Word dialog appears, check every box. Make sure you scroll down to the newest versions, so that they get checked also. Then click OK.
11. When a message appears saying “Should be Excel 2010”, just click OK to dismiss the message.
12. When a message appears saying “Should be Word 2010”, just click OK to dismiss the message.
13. When the View Signatures With Adobe Acrobat dialog appears, make sure YES is selected and then click the OK button.
14. When the Acrobat Version dialog appears, you need click on the option that corresponds to the version you have installed.
If you do not know what version you have, try the following:
Click on the Windows START icon (at the extreme lower left of your screen)
When the menu pops up, click on ALL PROGRAMS
Starting at the top of the list, run through all of the items looking for an Adobe entry (“Adobe Reader 9”, for example)
Once you have selected the correct version, click the OK button
15. When the “GemSignPlus install cannot locate Acrobat” message appears, click OK to dismiss it
16. When the Use of Topaz SigPlus Basic Software dialog appears, select “I have a signature pad” and then click the OK button.
17. When the Choose a Tablet dialog appears, find the signature pad you have, or the closest match.
For example: If the back of your signature pad indicates that it is a MODEL T-LBK462-HSB-R, then select the SignatureGem LCD 1X5 (T-L462) entry
Once you have selected the correct pad, click the OK button
18. When the Select the Connection Type dialog appears, select the correct option.
If your signature pad plugs in via USB, then select the HSB (USB type. …)
Once you have selected the correct connection, click the OK button
19. When the USB Tablet Message dialog appears, make sure your signature pad is unplugged. Then click the OK button.
20. When the Installation Complete message appears, click OK to dismiss it.

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