Editing Toxicology Result Dates

Starting in LIMS-plus v3.7.23, you can now edit both the Completed On and Assigned On dates directly in the analytical module grids. In past releases, you needed to double-click each row to open the result edit panel.

Editing Dates in a Grid


To edit the date, highlight the date and type the new date or just type the new date with the cursor at the start of the cell. You can use the down arrow to move quickly from one row to the next.

Note that when the results are first added, the completed on and assigned on dates will still default to the current date. In the example above, the dates were all edited from 11/15/2010. This enhancement just allows for easier editing within the grid.

This method of editing the assigned on and completed on dates can be used in both the Drug Screen Data and Confirmation Data grids.

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