Naming the Evidence Being Returned Check box

Starting in LIMS-plus v3.7.23, you can change the text that appears next to the Evidence Being Returned check box on the evidence transfer screen so that it makes more sense to your users.

Modify the Check box Label


1. Access System Administration.
2. Click the Tailorable Labels tab.
3. Scroll down until you see the Returned Label Usage.
4. In the Label's Text column, replace the existing text.

Note that users will not see the new text until they close and restart the application.

Check box Label as Seen by Users


The text that you entered in System Administration will now be visible on the evidence transfer screen.

New Label Applied to Evidence in Main Case View


The same text you entered for the label will also appear on the Main Case View for evidence that was transferred with the check box checked.

Note that the function remains the same as Evidence Being Returned. We are now allowing you to change the related text so that it makes more sense to your users.

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