Error 1734 - Property CIMMINTEG not Found


Error 1734 - Property CIMMINTEG not Found


Affected Users:

LIMS Administrators, Lab Analysts


Fielded Statements:

Why is the following error message occurring when selecting “Edit Findings” for a service using the Blood Alcohol Module?

Error 1734 - Property CIMMINTEG not Found



Error message received when clicking Edit Findings on a service request.



Root Cause:

 An Active X Control (CIMMInteg.ocx) is being called upon by the application but is not installed.

The error is directly tied to the following lab option being enabled: “Enable Chemical Inventory Integration”


When this option is enabled, the application will look for the installed active x control (CIMMInteg.ocx).  When the application fails to locate this active x control, the error will occur.


This application call is only made when a service has been configured to “Track inventory Usage”.  This option is shown below:


The option listed above will be greyed out when the lab option “Enable Chemical Inventory Integration” is disabled.


This active x control can installed during a client installation by selecting “Chemical Inventory Integration”.  See the screenshot below for the option present within the Justicetrax client Installer:


CAUTION:  This will only install an integration control that will be used to tie into the Chemical Inventory Management Module (CIMM). This will not install the full blown version of CIMM onto a workstation.  CIMM is obtained and installed outside the normal LIMS-plus 3.x installer.

Once installed, the active x control will be found in your C:\Jtrax directory.



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