Is the first assigned date for tech review held or is removed when findings are rejected

No, the application will display the current date assigned to a tech review.  If findings are rejected, the database will hold the reject reasons in a seperate table (dbo.rej.find) in the database. This table is only engaged when using the reject findings option on the Request for Analysis Menu (i.e right click menu).  A query of the dbo.rej_find table will show the necessary information regarding a rejection. If users are simply unchecking a milestone to roll back findings, the audit trail will need to be further queried by the LIMS and/or database administrator if they would like to see the full milestone history for a given case.

The audit trail will have the record of the original assigned dates from the milestone prior to the rollback. The new date will be placed going forward after the findings are corrected from the rejected status.

REF: BT 15543

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