How do I access the Medical Examiner Module in LIMS-plus?

For the data exchange to occur correctly between the main case view in LIMS-plus and the medical examiners' module, certain information must be entered into the LIMS-plus.

For a case to appear in the ME Module the following requirements must be met:
1. There must be an Individual on the case.
2. There must be an Evidence Item of type = Decedent on the case.
3. The Individual must be the source of the Evidence Item.

If all of the requirements listed above are met, Medical Examiner can be opened by clicking on the ME icon meicon.jpg , from the main case view after selecting the desired case.

Note: This function is controlled by the following security permission:   Case - Access Medical Examiner       

If a user does not have this permission granted to their role, the Medical Examiner icon will be greyed out meiconnoaccess.jpg



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