JusticeTrax Indexer: JTImgIndx Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)'

Scenario:  When you are setting up the JusticeTrax Indexer settings and you inadvertently type in the incorrect Data Source Name in the field. This will cause the application to search and try to connect to the ODBC string which is invalid and not authenticate properly.



The correct Data Source Name should be SQLLIMS31. 

Please note for this instance the name matches the System DSN in the ODBC connection properties.

You may want to verify your setting prior to making any entries beforehand.


When you try to launch JusticeTrax Indexer you will receive the following error message:



As stated previously the application is trying to authenticate the SQLLIMS ODBC connection which will not resolve properly.



This will involve making a Windows Registry modification and should be performed by a System Administrator or an individual that has the proper credentials to make such changes.  Please be aware JusticeTrax does not advocate making changes to the Windows Registry at anytime without proper guidance or knowledge thereof.


Access the Windows Registry by clicking on the Start Button and typing in  regedit.

This will allow you access to the Windows Registry.  Please be careful as to not make any changes without consent or prior knowledge of a backup in case you make a mistake.


Search for the following key string: LIMSDSN

(Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\JTIndexer\Config)

This will reveal the incorrect entry of SQLLIMS.  Make the necessary change to reflect the correct Data Source Name by double-clicking on the Value Name and enter the Value Data of SQLLIMS31.


Exit out of the Windows Registry.


Try to launch the JusticeTrax Indexer Application again.

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