How to select a particular Twain Compliant device in LimsPlus Imaging module


Multiple Twain Compliant devices are attached to a local client machine or networked.


Individual has a Flatbed Scanner and a All-In-One device connected at the same time.  When you access LimsPlus Imaging you may want to select a particular device instead of the default selected automatically by the application.

Steps to resolve:

Open a Case that you are working on.  Click on the Camera  twainart1.JPG icon.  You will need to select the Scan option in the Imaging Module menu.



If selected, uncheck the 'Auto Feed' option.  This will allow the Windows devices to be listed when you perform the task of scanning.

Close out of the Imaging module and then reselect the Camera Icon  twainart1.JPG to access the LimsPlus Imaging module.

By unselecting the 'Auto Feed' option you should be able to select either the Scanner  twainart3.JPG  icon or choose Scan / scan new image from the menu.

You will be prompted to select whether or not the document is multi-page.


Make your selection.

The current Windows Compliant Twain devices will be displayed in the 'Select Source' window.


Choose the specific Twain Compliant device and it will automatically proceed to call the device and scan the object.

Once the device has been used and LimsPlus has performed the scan function you may go back to the Scan menu and re-select the 'Auto Feed' feature. 

This will allow the device you selected to become the default scanner used.


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    Amanda Sondgeroth

    I had a question come up about scanning images into LIMS. We are on version 3.7.5. The person was scanning multiple documents into the Imaging Module and the first image would go in as a TIFF then the second would go in as JPEG. I tested this out and got the same result. What is causing the change in file format and is there anyway we can designate it in LIMS? The settings on the scanner were set to TIFF.

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