Hard Drive Considerations for Servers hosting a LIMS-PLus database


What is the optimal hard drive configuration for a database server?

Affected Users:

Database Administrators


Prior to analysts using the LIMS-Plus application, database administrators will setup the server that will run either SQL Server 2005+ or Oracle. There are many different configurations that can be used. Database setup, stored procedures and maintenance plans are typically within a realm that database administrators operate within. Some LIMS Administrators may have access to the Database but are typically not involved in the maintenance plans defined for the LIMS database.


1. OS / System Volume (containing the operating system and any installed software):
    RAID 1
2. Data Volume (containing all database data files, backups, etc.):
    RAID 5
3. Transaction Log Volume (containing all database log files):
    RAID 5

If resources allow, performance can be improved by adding a 4th RAID 5 drive array to the server, and using this drive array to house the data and log files for the TEMPDB system database.

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