Can event notification emails be triggered using Batch Request Assignments?


Batch request assignments are not kicking off event notifications to assigned analysts.

Affected End Users:

Supervisors, LIMS Administrators, Lab analysts (Serving in a temporary supervisory role)

Fielded Statements:

Event Notification emails are not working for batch assignments.

Batch request assignments are not kicking off event notifications to assigned analysts

Lab Analysts are not receiving emails regarding assignments after a batch assignment was performed.

Root Cause:

The Event Notification function was not written to be used in conjunction with Batch Request Assignment

Important Note
Batch request assignments are performed by selecting "Analysis" from the File Menu bar and then selecting "Assign Requests for Analysis". This window will pull up any cases that have unassigned work requests.


An example of this would be queue of 200 unassigned Blood Alcohol requests. In this scenario, there are 20 Blood Alcohol analysts available to work the requests. A lab may choose to have their analysts spread an equal amount of the case load amongst each other. Each analyst would go into batch assignment queue and assign 10 requests to himself/herself. In this case, the analyst is the individual assigning the case workload. As a result, the analyst would not need the event notifications when he/she already knows about the assigned requests.


The event notification feature does not currently apply to Batch Requests when using Analysis Menu in LIMS. This is due to an excessive amount of spam email that could be generated for a given analyst. Another rationale for this is that not every lab will have a single administrator assigning requests. A group of analysts may work together to manage case workload. The type of requests also plays a part in the need for event notifications via batch assignment.

The LIMS application does allow event notifications to be triggered. However, these event notifications are triggered on an individual request basis.

Event Notifications can be setup and customized within System Administration.


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