"Lab Case Number.pdf File not found" when trying to view final report within iResults


When attempting to view a final report from within the iResults website, an outside agency representative receives a message indicating that the final report could not be found: 

"<Lab Case Number.pdf> File not found". 

(Ex.  <TPD-7845-2009.pdf> File not found)



The final report has yet to be generated or has been deleted from the FinalReportDocuments directory specified within System Administration>>System Defaults. 


NOTE: The following discussion pertains to final reports that have yet to be generated.


This error will occur when a service has a Releasable Milestone configured that is prior to the Final Report Milestone.


Releasable Milestone = Tech. Reviewed

Final Report Milestone =Admin Reviewed

The LIMS-Plus application creates the finalreport name and file location when the releasable milestone is reached.  However, the final report is not generated until the final report milestone is reached.  If a service has reached the releasable milestone and is configured to "Send to iResults", the final report name and file location are sent to iResults.

When viewing the case status on the iResults website, the status listed depends on the releasable milestone. If a service request has been reached the releasable milestone, iResults treats the releasable milestone as being completed.  iResults does not look for the presence of the actual final report pdf until an outside agency representative requests it.

The final report milestone dictates when the actual final report is generated.  The releasable milestone dictates when report is available to be viewed by the submitting agency.  In short, a releasable milestone should not be set to a milestone prior to the milestone configured for the Final Report generation.



Setting the releasable milestone to be equal to or greater than the final report milestone will correct this error.  If a final report is generated at the same milestone as the “Releasable milestone” outside agencies will be able to see the final report immediately. Some labs choose to set the releasable milestone to Admin Reviewed and the Final report Milestone to Tech Reviewed. This allows administrators or supervisors to review reports for grammatical errors prior to it being pushed to the iResults web server.

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    Samera Zavaro

    I'm getting this error because the reports are not in .pdf form even though they are supposed to be.

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