Installing Updates: The upgrade currently activates the Rich Text option for every Department Service.


During the installation of an upgrade of LimsPlus we currently activate the Rich text option for all of the Department Services.


Ask your LimsPlus Administrator or Database Administrator to make the manual change via SQL Enterprise Manager or SQL Server Management Studio by executing the following SQL Script.

Update dbo.service
set RichText = 'false' where RichText = 'true'

Please note this script will modify all of the records. If there are certain Department Services that require Rich text please make a note of them before hand.

If you are unable or unsure about making changes to the database or the Department Services please ask for assistance.

Remember you can manually go into each Department Service and uncheck the box and save the changes.  You will need Administrative rights to perform this task but it is easier to make the changes if you have the required access.

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