Ecasefile: There was a problem using ShellExecute API to print


Customer was trying to execute the Ecase file format into a .Tiff.  when they encompassed a warning message about the File Type Format was not found.



there was a problem using ShellExecute API to print

(file path)

please verify .tiff file type has the PrintTo action. If it isn't found, add it with the proper command line parameters to send .tiff files to a specified printer or contact your System Administrator.





added the PRINTTO to the .Tiff file type on the computer that he was having trouble with.

Click on My Computer icon, select Tools from the top of the menu.

Choose Folder Options. Select the File Types tab. Find the specific File Type. In this case we had .Tiff and .Tif

Select Advanced button to get to the Edit window.

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