How to setup the AD-HOC Query Tool in LIMS-Plus 3.x

Title:  How to setup the AD-HOC Query Tool in LIMS 3.x

Affected Users:  LIMS Administrators

Fielded Statements:

How can I perform a query of the LIMS database without using SQL Server Management Studio?

What are the steps involved with setting up the QueryTool found within LIMS?

When opening the Query Tool administration, the window is blank.  What is going on?


The AD Hoc Query tool allows each user to build and save custom queries that can be run directly within LIMS-plus. The results can be printed or exported to files in HTML or Microsoft Excel formats. Main Case Views can also be opened directly from the query results grid.

To access the AD Hoc Query tool, click the Search menu and select AD Hoc Query.


Before accessing the AD Hoc Query Tool from the Search Drop down menu, it must be configured within System Administration.  It is recommended that Laboratories restrict access to the QueryTool to LIMS Administrators and Supervisors.

LIMS Administrators must configure the QueryTool by going to QueryTool DB Setup from within System Administration.



A LIMS Administrator who does not have direct access to the LIMS Database within SQL Server wants to query case records from within the LIMS-Plus 3.x application.


When you go to the Query Tool Administration  (System Administration>>QueryTool DB Setup)  you will want to select Import.

It may put you in the Data Folder by default.  You will want to browse to the QueryTool folder.  Listed below are a few screenshots.



Once browsing to the Query Tool folder, you will see the following 4 .dbs files






If you are not currently using Case Security Levels, you will want to select the LIMSDBS.dbs

If Case Security Levels are configured, you will need to setup the QueryTool Administration to Account for the case security levels

Each case security level has its own .dbs file.  


Once the file is imported, you will need to make sure that your security role has the following permission:

Administration - Access QueryTool


 After proper permissions have been granted to a user, the following screen will appear after selecting Search>>Ad Hoc Query


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