Signature pad device is returning errors within LIMS-plus 3.x


Signature pad device is returning errors within LIMS-plus 3.x

Affected Users:

LIMS Administrators, Property/Evidence Technicians

Fielded Statements:

I am getting the following error when attempting to print an outbound evidence receipt: 1925 – Unknown member Sigpad

When printing an inbound evidence receipt, the follow error occurred: Connection failed: Please contact your System Administrator

My signature pad device works outside of the LIMS-plus 3.x application but fails to bring up the signature pad window when printing inbound and outbound evidence receipts within the application.


When completing an inbound or outbound evidence transfer, you have the option of using a signature capture pad to collect a signature from the submitting or receiving officer. This signature will later appear on any evidence receipt produced for this transaction.

Once the signature pad has been properly configured, the user will be prompted for a signature at the appropriate time in the transfer.

The signature preview window will allow the user to review the signature prior to it being saved into the database. If the quality of the signature does not meet expectations the user can “Reject” the signature and require a new one. If the signature does meet expectations the user can “Accept” it into the database.

Root Cause:

LIMS-plus v3.x only supports the HHP TT8500 and TT3100 signature pad devices. Users experiencing the “1925 – Unknown Sigpad” error is commonly due to the signature pad files not being present on the workstation with the signature pad device attached. Errors regarding a failed connection are typically attributed to a signature pad not being recognized by windows and/or being a signature pad that is not supported within the LIMS-plus 3.x application.


Quincy Noguchi is a LIMS Administrator at the Mayberry Forensic Lab. He has been alerted that a signature device has been damaged beyond repair in the Evidence Vault. Quincy obtained a Topaz signature pad device from a storage closet that was once used with a different application within the laboratory. The laboratory is currently using LIMS-plus v3.63.25. The laboratory is only requiring signatures on outbound evidence receipts. The lab option "Require Signature on Inbound Evidence Receipts" has been left unchecked. Prior to testing the device, Quincy made sure that the following lab options were enabled within System Administration. 

Use Signature images

Allow Signature on Evidence receipts

Require Signature on Outbound Evidence Receipts

With the topaz signature device plugged into his workstation, he received the following error when printing his outbound evidence receipt.


To eliminate his workstation as being the problem, Quincy takes the topaz signature pad device down to the Evidence Vault.  He plugs the topaz signature pad device into the USB port on the machine. This workstation had a HHP TT8500 connected to it. The HHP TT8500 was damaged the previous evening when a container was dropped onto the LCD panel. After attaching the Topaz signature device pad, he opens a case residing in his test database. He opens the Outbound Evidence Receipt log and attempts to print the outbound evidence receipt. After selecting print, he thinks he has made progress due to the window on his screen:

Sadly, after a 5-10secs delay the following error message shows up on his screen:
Quincy takes note that on the second workstation, he did not receive the 1925 error message. Using the evidence vault machine, the LIMS-plus application did start up the signature pad window but instead returned the Connection failed message:
After receiving these messages, Quincy decides to contact JusticeTrax Customer Support.



Quincy Noguchi configured selected the correct lab options needed to instruct the application to look for the signature pad device when printing his outbound evidence receipt. The first error that he received “1925 – Unknown Member Sigpad” occurs when the workstation does not have the necessary Signature Pad files installed.

When installing the LIMS client to a workstation, installshield dialog box has an option for signature pad. Selecting this option will install 3 files in the windows\system32 folder. The three files are listed below:

Padhid.dll / Sigbox.ocx / SigboxUSB.ocx

LIMS-plus v3.x only supports the HHP TT8500 and TT3100 signature pad devices. The HHP TT8500 has USB functionality that is recognized by LIMS-plus v3.5 and higher. Versions earlier than 3.5 support the older HHP TT3100 model which only has a serial based connection. Starting at version 3.5, the LIMS application was written to support both models (HHP TT3100 and HHP TT8500). The Padhid.dll function is to identify the presence of signature pad device when called for within the LIMS-plus application. After identifying the presence of a SignaturePad, the application looks for an active X control tied directly to either the HHP TT3100 or HHP TT8500.

Sigbox.ocx (Installed for HHP TT3100)

SigboxUSB.ocx (Installed for HHP TT8500)

TT3100 - Serial Connection Only

TT8500 - USB Connection Only (LIMS-plus v3.5 or higher)

The requirement for a USB connection with the TT8500 is due to the necessity of providing backwards compatibility in LIMS-plus for the older model hardware, as the *.ocx files themselves are not backwards compatible.

In our case scenario, the signature pad files were not installed on the first workstation used by Quincy Noguchi. This was the cause of the “1925 – Unknown Member Sigpad” error. Once installing the signature pad files on a workstation that will have the signature pad device attached to it, the error should not occur.

Once receiving the 1925 error, Quincy went to the workstation located in the Evidence Vault. Since this workstation once had a HHP TT8500 attached to it, it was savy move to test the topaz signature pad device on the workstation. The “Connection Failed” message that was returned while using the evidence vault machine was due to the Topaz signature Pad device not being supported within the LIMS-plus 3.x application. On this workstation, the signature pad files were already installed prior to receiving the error. Even though the Topaz signature pad device had a USB connection, the application failed to recognize it since the SigboxUSB.ocx is written specifically for the HHP TT8500.


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