Error 76 - Path not found


Error 76 - Path not found

Affected Users:

All LimsPlus users and Administrators

Fielded Statements:

Our laboratory recently changed the name of the LimsPlus Server where the database resides, now our Images are not showing up?

By pressing the Camera Icon to access the Imaging module it will immediately produce the error message of path not found?


Each time a Database Server is moved or renamed to a server where the database name has changed, it may be necessary to modify and change the location within the LimsPlus System Administration module.

LimsPlus Administrators may need to re-point all of the System Defaults in order to match up the current locations. I.e. Final report documents, auto reporting, imaging root, and case documents root directories.

Root Cause:

The location of the previous imaging root directory path(s) is stored in the DBO.lab table within the SQL | Oracle Database. If the imaging path does not match the previous entries it will not properly display the images.


Access to the imaging module and images for each case will not display on previous or older LimsPlus cases.  This will prohibit viewing and impair the process to progress case milestones if you utilize the option to Review image required within the milestone prerequisites.

To set the correct path, do the following:

1. Open System Administration and click System Defaults.
2. Under Imaging Root Directory, click Browse.
3. Browse out to the folder that contains all of your case images and click OK.

For those that are capable to access the SQL Manager Studio or SQL Enterprise Manager you may also execute a script that will adhere to the new image directory or make the necessary changes to accommodate the previously stored path(s).


The following scripts can be used to update the UNC paths that are stored for final reports, images, casedocs and report templates.

These scripts should only be run after making sure all LIMS users exited the application and a full backup of the database has been performed and verified.



UPDATE dbo.Imaging
SET imagepath = REPLACE(imagepath, '\\old path', '\\current path')

UPDATE dbo.Requests
SET finalreportdocument = REPLACE(finalreportdocument, '\\old path', '\\current path')

UPDATE dbo.Report_Setup
SET report_template = REPLACE(report_template, '\\old path', '\\current path')

UPDATE dbo.casedocs
SET docpath = REPLACE(docpath, '\\oldpath', '\\current path')



UPDATE dbo.Imaging
SET imagepath = REPLACE(imagepath, '\\JTServer2008\LIMS SHARED FILES\', '\\JTSVR2009\')

UPDATE dbo.Requests
SET finalreportdocument = REPLACE(finalreportdocument,  '\\JTServer2008\LIMS SHARED FILES\', '\\JTSVR2009\')

UPDATE dbo.Report_Setup
SET report_template = REPLACE(report_template,  '\\JTServer2008\LIMS SHARED FILES\', '\\JTSVR2009\')

UPDATE dbo.casedocs
SET docpath = REPLACE(docpath,  '\\JTServer2008\LIMS SHARED FILES\', '\\JTSVR2009\')




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