Printer Settings changing when users are switching between multiple workstations – LIMS-plus v3.7.5


Printer Settings changing when users are switching between multiple workstations – LIMS-plus v3.7.5

Affected Users:

LIMS Administrators, Lab Analysts, Department Supervisors

Fielded Statements:

Since upgrading to v3.7.5, I has received reports from his users indicating that their printer settings are changing when switching machines.

Default printer is not working on one workstation.

Are printer settings handled differently in LIMS-plus v3.7.5.

Default printer is working within Terminal Server but does not work with a machine that has LIMS-plus installed on a local machine.


Saved printer settings are behaving differently when accessing LIMS-plus via terminal Services version client-server environment.

Root Cause:

LIMS-Plus v3.7.5 stores printer settings within the database in the dbo.pcprefs table. This is a new feature that was added with the release of 3.7.5. Previous versions of JusticeTrax stored printer settings with a pcprefs file that was stored in a user’s local temp directory on the machine being used to connect to LIMS.


The reported issue is occurring when users (who are cross trained) move from one workstation to another. For example, a user is cross trained in toxicology and DNA. The toxicology department in the lab is on a different floor than the DNA department. Due to this, the user will switch computers depending on the requests being worked on a given day and/or session. The database is capturing the default printer selected on Computer A. When the user goes to computer B and tries to print, the database is calling upon a printer that may not be accessible and/or mapped on the Computer B.


Currently, the pcprefs table does not store any information regarding the workstation that is being used to access the application. Therefore, when a user logs into computer B, the default printer goes back to 'Windows default". This essentially wipes out the default printer being held in the database. When the user goes back to computer A, the same issue occurs in that the database is looking for a printer used on computer B when the printer is not available from Computer A. Some machines have locally attached printers (ie. barcode printers) which may not exist on the network from another workstation.

The application’s interaction with the pcprefs table within the database highlights a specific adjustment that needs to be taken into account by LIMS Administrators and users. Mobile users accessing LIMS from multiple workstations should set their printer to "Windows Default". This will ensure that when they are switching machines, the application will instruct the application to use whatever printer is listed as the default on a given workstation. Mobile users should not specify a particular printer within the LIMS application itself. If a user accesses LIMS-plus 3.7.5 from one single workstation, specifying a specific default printer within LIMS-plus will have no adverse effects.

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