Zebra TLP 2844 is printing blank labels in addition to spanning the printed barcode across two labels.


Zebra TLP 2844 is printing blank labels in addition to spanning the printed barcode across two labels.

Affected Users:

LIMS users printing barcode labels to a Zebra TLP2844 barcode printer.

Fielded Statements:

Our Zebra printer is spitting out blank labels when printing evidence or request barcode submission labels.

Our Zebra printer was replaced and now it is printing barcode information across two labels.

The Zebra TLP 2844 barcode printer is outputting blank label stock when printing our barcodes labels.


Barcode Printers rely on their initial configuration. It is important that when replacing and/or setting up barcode printers, the correct label stock size is configured within the barcode printer configuration settings. It is also important to consult the manual for your barcode printer with respect to the auto-sensing function used by the barcode printer. Laboratories may use different barcode printers and different label stock depending on each departmental need within the organization.

Root Cause:

This behavior is typically expressed by one or two (and sometimes both) root causes. One root involves an incorrect label size specified in the Paper/Output settings within the TLP2844 Printing Defaults or Printing Preferences. The second root cause involves the Auto-Sense feature of the TLP2844. The Auto-Sense routine is performed after changing or loading physical media (ie. label stock). In many cases, the Zebra TLP2844 was recently replaced or initially setup


Chuck is a property custodian who works in the evidence vault at the Pantano Laboratory. The IT staff recently replaced the label stock for one of three Zebra TLP 2844 barcode printers used to create barcode labels for incoming evidence. This barcode printer is in the back of the vault and is not the primary barcode printer used in primary workspace. While working in the back of vault, he processes evidence on a case and prints the evidence barcodes to the newly replaced printer. The new TLP2844 prints out the barcode but it is spanning across two labels. He also notices that the printer is outputting 2 additional labels that are blank. Chuck contacts the LIMS admin to get assistance with the new barcode printer. The LIMS administrator immediately looks at the printer defaults for the Zebra TLP2844. He notices that the paper size is correct after seeing the following



The paper size listed is correct for the label stock loaded into the barcode printer. The LIMS Administrator recalled that he had made this correction the night before after the label stock was replaced. He then realizes that the zebra printer had a larger label stock prior to it being replaced. The previous label stock was used to print larger labels for containers. The label stock was approximately 4inches wide and 4 inches in height. He contacts JusticeTrax support to get assistance since he cannot remember how to reset the printer to the factory default.


1. How to reset the Zebra Printer back to factory defaults.

Select the Zebra TLP2844 from Printers and Faxes. Right click and select Properties.

Select the Printer tab and then click on the + sign next to Advanced.

Click the Tools button and type the following in the “Send Direct Command to Printer” field:


Click OK



2. Auto-Sense routine for TLP2844.






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