How to access a case directly from with the AD Hoc Query Tool

Title:   How to access a case directly from with the AD Hoc Query Tool

Affected Users:  LIMS Administrators

Fielded  Statements: 

Can I open a Main Case View from with the query tool?

When performing a query in LIMS, how do I access a case in LIMS without closing the AD HOC query window?

When attempting to access a case from directly from AD HOC query, LIMS administrator receives the following error message:

“Could not find the Alias for the field Case_id”



LIMS Administrator is unable to access a case directly from the AD HOC Query Tool.

Root Cause:

An Alias for the field Case_id needs to be defined in the System Administration-Query Tool DB Setup


After performing a query within the AD HOC Query Tool ,  a Lims administrator wants to be able to view the Main case view directly from the Query tool. When clicking on an output field returned by the query, the following error appears:





When results are returned in the query tool, you can directly access a case only if the CaseNumber is included as an output field.

In order to access a case directly from the ADhoc Query screen, the following steps need to be followed:

In system administration, click Query Tool DB Setup




The CaseNumber field must contain the name of the field that is linked to your case id.



To determine this, you will need to select Database Structure Editor. By default, this button is grayed out. Click edit then Database Structure Editor.




Click the FIELDS tab, expand the CASES node and find the label that represents your case ID (Case Number by default.)



If Case Number is present under the cases node, it should look like the image above. If it does not please contact JusticeTrax Support.

Close Data Model Editor and go back to the Query Tool Administration Window.

Enter the same label in the Case Number field without any spaces. By default, the Case Number field should contain "CaseNumber."




Now when you use the query tool and you include the case number in the result set, you can access the main case view by selecting the result and clicking the OPEN CASE button.

Listed below is an example detailing how to perform an AD Hoc Query that will return the case number as a output result field.

This is default screen when you select AD Hoc Query from the Search pulldown.



In this example, we are looking for case “PL000232009”.  Click the hyper link <Click here to add new connection>.  Select Case Number




 Click in the empty box to the right of “is equal to”



 PL000232009 entered




After typing in the case number, click the “Select Output Fields” button. The “Result Fields Editor” screen will appear




Expand Cases tree.  You will the following options underneath Cases




For this example, we only want the following result fields returned in our query of PL000232009



If you would like to sort specific fields you can do so. In or example, we have not chosen to sort by any given field.  Click OK

After clicking OK, you will be returned to the ADhoc Query Screen.  The right side will be blank until performing the query.




After clicking “Run Query” the selected result fields will show up on the right side of the ADhoc Query window.




 After clicking “Open Case”, the selected case will appear.




NOTE:  In order to use “OPEN CASE”, the Case Number must be one of the selected output fields.









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