LIMS-plus v3.7.23 is now available for download

The release of LIMS-plus v3.7.23 is now available for download and deployment. Before going forward, please review these important points:

We are using this release as an opportunity to begin moving everyone from using the ftp site to our new file server. It's more reliable and secure. Instead of having a separate agency account, each person that downloads must have their own account. Please contact Customer Care to have an account created for you when you are ready to download from the file server for the first time.

This release is particularly large and somewhat complex. It is very highly recommended that you first test the build in an environment that is not your production environment to ensure we didn't miss something specific to your agency’s business processes in testing. 


There are a few known remaining issues with this release. Please consider the following before making the decision to upgrade.

The installer for the Oracle version currently will not work correctly on Windows 7. We're looking into the issue.

There are a number of DNA enhancements that are going through field testing at another customer site. We simply don't have the instrumentation in-house to complete the testing here. If you use the DNA module, please test the functionality before deploying.

In recent builds, we have seen some odd behavior introduced on the evidence tab. We believe this release fixes or substantially improves performance. If you complete the upgrade and notice a difference on the evidence tab, good or bad, please let us know as soon as possible.

We strongly urge you to review the release notes prior to deploying the update.

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