Why is text being cut off in my final report?

In LIMS-plus v3.8, when you enable "rich text" (all the fancy editing like bold, italics and colors) for a service, the results you enter are actually saved in the database as HTML. Your Crystal Report template must be configured to render the data in the database correctly. If it has not been formatted correctly, you'll see HTML codes like <b> or <p>.

Even once the HTML code is being interpreted correctly, you might still have an issue with the text in the report being cut off on the right side like what's shown below.

LIMS-plus v3.8.34 includes a correction to the Crystal Reports runtime to fix this issue but the correction does not work if you've used any Crystal Reports "registry hacks" in the past to address similar issues. To resolve the HTML truncation, you must delete existing registry keys related to Crystal Reports PDF Exports on the server. Note: If you have other applications on the server using Crystal Reports, you should make sure that the key is not needed by those applications prior to removing the key.

If you are not comfortable working with the registry editor, please call JusticeTrax Customer Care for assistance. If the somewhat purposefully vague instructions below don't make sense, it's a good indication you should give us a call.

Within the registry, you need to search for Crystal Reports keys that have a sub-key of Export. It's difficult specifying the exact key location because Crystal Reports has used different master keys in the registry over the years. The most simple method is to use the find command and simply search for Export. When you find an Export sub-key that contains a PDF key, that's what you'll want to delete.

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