Why does my case have a "broken rules" tab?

When you access a main case view in LIMS-plus v3.8, you may see an additional red tab labelled Broken Rules.

LIMS-plus v3.8 enforces a lot of business logic to ensure the integrity of case data. Information that may have been added to the database directly (such as through a custom integration) or that has been carried over from really old versions of LIMS-plus (like version 2.0) may not meet the data requirements of LIMS-plus v3.8. In these instances, you can open the case and view data, but the information that doesn't meet the business logic requirements will be displayed in the broken rules tab.

While you can view the case, you will not be able to update any information in the case until the broken rule has been corrected. This may require modifications or updates directly within the database. JusticeTrax Customer Care can assist you in making the corrections.

If you do attempt to update an uncorrected case, you will be presented with a warning message. Your changes will not be saved.

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