Why can't I print a barcode label?

To print barcode labels, you must have JusticeTrax Tray (JTTray) installed and it must have an active connection to JTHub. JTTray and JTHub are the client\server components that allow your web browser to be "aware" of available barcode printers to stream label information directly to the printer.

To check if JTTray is installed and running, look in your Windows Taskbar tray. (You may need to Show Hidden Icons.) If you see the JusticeTrax Tray icon, then JTTray is installed and running.

If the icon isn't present in your tray, search for JTTray and run it. If JTTray has not yet been installed, you can do so from the LIMS-plus login page.

Once installed and running, right-click the JusticeTrax Tray taskbar icon and select View Console. It will show the most recent activities and should indicate that your list of available printers has been sent to JTHub. The list should include your barcode printers.

If no data has been sent or there is a warning message then contact your system administrator.


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