I ran Health Check. Holy cow, why so much red?!

When you run the Health Check utility, the results tab can appear a bit scary.

First, don't panic! The Health Check utility is looking for data that might cause issues when trying to view a case in LIMS-plus v3.8. When a supposed error is reported in Health Check, it does not mean the data is incorrect, corrupt or any other way invalid.

Some customers have been using the application for over 20 years and LIMS-plus has changed over time. Most of the errors just indicate that the business logic used by LIMS-plus v3.8 may not be able to correctly interpret the data and it will likely result in the display of a broken rules tab in the case view. If you have hundreds or more records reported, you don't need to correct them all immediately. If the cases are older, you can simply make the required corrections as the cases are accessed.

Also, if the red really bothers you, you can pick a less ominous color. In the Health Check utility, just click the Grid Colors & Font button and pick something more pleasant. Tomato maybe?


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