Warning Message: Legacy Annotation Process Timed Out

When you view an attachment in LIMS-plus v3.8 (select the attachment and from the right-click menu, select View) you may see a button in the lower right labelled Legacy Annotations. This button will only be present if the application finds annotations created for the attachment using LIMS-plus v3.7 or older. Note that these could simply be the automated stamp of user and date or more detailed mark-ups.

If you click the button, a processing spinner will display and then the image should open in a separate browser tab with the annotations displayed. You can then print or save this "burned" image.

If the process times out, you will receive a warning message that Legacy annotation process timed out. Please see your system administrator.

To view the legacy annotations, there is a utility that must be installed and running on the server hosting your LIMS-plus v3.8 application. Below are a few things to check. (The file paths below are defaults and may have been redefined during your installation.)

1. JusticeTrax LIMSplus Legacy Annotation Burner Utility needs to be installed on the server. You can verify the installation by:

  • Confirm that the directory where the utility was installed (C:\JusticeTrax Legacy Annotation Burner) contains JusticeTrax.LIMSplus.LeadToolsBurner
  • Open the Windows Task Scheduler and make sure that the JusticeTrax LIMSplus Legacy Annotation Burner Utility task Status is Ready

2. Verify the file paths and permissions for the processing folders noted in the LIMS-plus v3.8 website configuration file (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\LIMS-plus\web.config)

 <setting name="LegacyAnnotationMaxWaitSeconds" serializeAs="String">

  <setting name="LegacyAnnotationProcessingDirectory" serializeAs="String">

  <setting name="LegacyAnnotationProcessedRelativePath" serializeAs="String">

The application site must have write/delete permissions to the directories.

If all of this checks out OK, please contact JusticeTrax support for further assistance.


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