JusticeTrax Customer Care Service Level Agreement

JusticeTrax would like to announce the creation and release of our Customer Care Service Level Agreement (SLA) document.

With the addition of new laboratories and agencies over the past couple of years as well as the working relationship we have with all of our established customers, JusticeTrax is now providing service and support to over one hundred entities. 

With that commitment to our customers, JusticeTrax has found it necessary to establish a baseline of support, escalation and process that should be expected by our customers.  This SLA serves to support and provide further detail to our annual maintenance contracts that we have with each of you.  It also is to provide an outline of how those services, as well as others not included in the contract, are to be  provided.

Please take a moment to read over and become familiar with the SLA document and feel free to contact JusticeTrax is there are any questions or concerns


Thank you,


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