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This new Help Center is designed to operate more efficiently, provide our customers with direct access to information and assistance, while increasing interaction with our customers. We hope the New Help Center will make you all feel more a part of the resolution process.

The majority of this site is reserved for registered system administrators and their alternates. This site is secure and only JusticeTrax Customer Care agents and users from your agency can view your ticket details. If you are a registered administrator, you can access the rest of this site by clicking the login link in the upper-right.

Administrators can use the "Submit A Request" option at the top of the page to enter a ticket or request assistance. You may also contact us at support@justicetrax.zendesk.com for additional assistance. Prefer to speak to a human...of course, you're always more than welcome to call us at 800.288.5467. JusticeTrax office hours are Monday through Friday,8am to 5pm. (Arizona time). Our office is closed to observe New Years Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Please feel free to use the links below to access reference materials and product knowledge base. As a registered user, you can also subscribe to any section that will keep you updated with the addition of new information, release notes and articles.

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JT Academy
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Online community for JusticeTrax Customers and Staff to Engage, Interact, & Learn. Use your JT Academy credentials to login where you can explore, subscribe, and post to the Forums.

Project Management Site (account required)

Egnyte File Sharing Server
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